The Midi Skirt

I see the midi skirts as the ultimate icon of the lady like style. It reminds me of those posters of the 50’s where women were the perfect housewives, cooking pays all day with their flawless hair and manicure (certainly not me). This decade was represented by women who were focused on their homes, on being the perfect wives and always with the best style. A lot has changed since, but we kept the best of it as it’s the case for the midi skirt.

It was Christian Dior who brought back the ultra feminine look. In 1947, with “the new look”, he changed the fashion world after the Second World War, giving women the power to dress up and to not feel bad about it. During the war, there was a shortage of materials and clothes should be practical enough due to the chaotic situation the world was living. But once the conflict ended, fashion was brought back by the one and only Christian Dior. A long circular skirt narrowed at the waist: this was his signature silhouette, creating a symbol for femininity that would surpass the pass of time.

There is no room for questions: if you want to feel like a total lady, a midi skirt must be part of your plan.


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Mango shirt, Forever21 skirt, Nine West sandals, Polaroid sunglasses


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