Winter Faux Fur

fauxfur2-atuendo29I have always loved how street style photos portrait models and fashion girls wearing those huge and fluffy faux fur coats during the winter. I hadn’t really considered getting one, but when I found an amazing piece, and a good price, I couldn’t resist, and took it home.

On these cold days we think that we need tones of layers of clothing to keep us warm (I agree on that). But the great news, is that I have proved that all you really need for those low temperatures, is a big, fluffy and delicious faux fur coat.

I would recommend you to wear your faux fur coat with a pair of jeans and ankle boots, so your outfit feels more casual and ideal for a weekend day.

On these cold winter days there is no doubt that best piece is a faux fur coat which will keep you warm, and in style of course.

En estos fríos días solemos pensar que para mantenernos cálidos lo ideal es usar muchas capas de ropa (opino lo mismo). Pero la buenas noticia, es que he probado que todo lo que necesitas para combatir las bajas temperaturas del invierno, es un enorme, peludo y delicioso abrigo de piel falsa.

Yo les recomendaría usarlo con jeans y botas al tobillo, para así hacer que su atuendo sea más casual e ideal para una salida de fin de semana.

Para este frío invierno un gran abrigo de piel falsa es la prenda ideal para mantenerte cálida, y con estilo, por supuesto.

On this post/En este post:

Zara faux fur coat & boots, Mango shirt, Levi’s jeans, Polaroid sunglasses


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