Bell Sleeves


Every year appears a new trend that seems to take all over the fashion industry that matches any style, is reinvented by every designer and brand around the globe, and in this 2017, the trend is all about the drama. Drama, expression, diversity. Where? None other than your sleeves.

Some say trends no longer exists. I believe they still and will always exist, but maybe the way we think of them is different. You just have to watch street style pictures or visit fashion blogs to see this. There are always some constant colors, shapes, or garments during a specific time period, and this is certainly what will happen during 2017 with the way we wear sleeves.

There is a huge movement this year regarding sleeves, and the bell shape is a great demonstration of that. Wide and with a little bit of drama, these characteristics will define the sleeves we will constantly see during the year.

I really like this trend. It makes the difference in what would a basic top, like the one I’m wearing, don’t you think so?

Dramatic, outstanding, this year is all about wearing sleeves out of the ordinary.

Algunos dicen que las tendencias ya no existen. You creo que esto no es cierto, que las tendencias siempre existirán, y que lo que cambiará es el modo en el que las definimos. Solamente es cuestión de ver fotos de street style o blogs de moda para notar una constante en colores, formas o prendas durante cierto periodo de tiempo. Y en este 2017 una de las grandes tendencia que veremos, será de mangas llamativas.

Hay un gran movimiento este año en las mangas, y la forma de campana es un gran ejemplo de ellas. Amplias y con un poco de drama, son algunas de las características del tipo de mangas que veremos constantemente durante el año.

A mí esta tendencia me gusta mucho. Hace de una blusa sencilla, como sería la que uso, algo diferente gracias a este tipo de detalles, ¿no lo creen? Dramáticas, sobresalientes, este año todo será sobre mangas fuera de lo común.

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Zara top/blusa & boots/botas, Levi’s jeans, Huser Bag



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