Trying The Pajama Trend

PIJAMASTREET9-ATUENDO29.jpgThe pajama trend has been up for a while. Fashion has been covered up in silk and velvet fabrics that remind us of the comfortable attires we could easily associate to sleeping time. Nowadays we can commonly see so many garments that were considered just to go to sleep, as part of casual street outfits. Just take a look at celebrities and influencers like Kendall Jenner. They seem to have adopted this kind of garments as part of their uniform. And you know what? I kind of like it.

At first I was skeptical about the pajama trend. I didn’t think I would love feeling like if I was dressing for bed out on the street, but after seen how this trend has been taking strength and how it has been adapted in such casual ways, my perspective on the trend totally changed.

As it may happen with new and risky trends, your first thought may be that it doesn’t fit your style. But when you start to see this trend on repeat, and styled in many different ways, your initial idea may change.

How many times have you said, “I will never wear (insert trend here).” And then…Surprise, surprise! You are wearing (insert that trend you used to hate here).

This pink silk pajama style jacket is incredibly comfortable and the lightness of it, makes it perfect for transitioning to the upcoming Spring. With this lovely garment, I made my first try with the this trend. I don’t know if I would wear the full pajama look of silk top and pants, but as I always say, “You never know”. You might get a huge surprise.

Al principio estaba escéptica acerca de la tendencia de pijamas. No pensé que me sentiría cómoda usando ropa que es para dormir en la calle, pero tras ver cómo esta tendencia se ha ido fortaleciendo, y el modo en que se puede usar de una manera súper casual, mi perspectiva cambió.

Como podría pasar con tendencias nuevas y arriesgadas, lo primero que podrías pensar es que no va con tu estilo. Pero al ver la tendencia tan seguido, y usada de diversas maneras, tu idea inicial podría cambiar, tal y cómo me pasó con la tendencia de pijama.

Esta bata  no sólo es súper linda, también es increíblemente cómoda y al ser ligera, es ideal para la transición hacia la Primavera que casi inicia. Con esta prenda hice mi primera prueba con este tipo de prendas, así que no sé si me pondría un atuendo completo de pijama. Pero como siempre digo, “Nunca sabes”. 

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Stradivarius pajama jacket, Zara vest, skirt and boots, Max Mara sunglasses, Guess bag



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