Try the Primary Color Palette for your Next Look: Red, Blue and Yellow


Sometimes when dressing up we want to shake things up. We want to change a look that we may have been wearing on repeat, and sometimes the best idea is to mix things up with with the color palette. And why not try with the three primary colors.

Blue, yellow and red are the three root colors of every other existing hue. They are the beginning to all the beautiful colors we can wear, so it sounds like a great idea to use this trio for your next look.

My tip is to use one of these three tones as the predominant one in your outfit, and leave the other two colors as part of small details.

I decided to wear blue as the leading color in my look, as seen in my jeans and top. I added the other two primary colors, red and yellow, in smaller dosis in my accessories, making them pop in contrast to the standing blue in this casual look.

Azul, amarillo y rojo son los tres colores de los que parten todos los otros tonos que existen. Ellos son el inicio de todos los colores que podemos usar, así que por qué no usar este trío como la paleta de color para tu próximo atuendo.

El tip más importante que les daría para usar esta paleta de color, es elegir uno de los tres como el tono predominante en tu look, dejando los otros dos colores para detalles.

Yo elegí el azul como el tono principal de mi atuendo. Añadí los otros dos tonos en pequeñas dosis en los accesorios, usando así esta paleta de color de un modo diferente y casual.

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Wild & Alive top, Levi’s jeans, Carlo Corinto shoes, Guess bag, Vogue sunglasses



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