How to Get the Perfect Tan


With beautiful Spring days at their full bloom, it may sound like a great idea to lay down under the Sun to get a natural, glowing tanned skin.

Getting that perfect tan isn’t difficult, but if you are aiming for an even color, without the unwanted sunburns and pain, there are some easy steps to follow.

I have these steps very present for every time I go on a beach vacation, as I just did a few weeks ago. So now, I’m sharing with you the easy steps I follow to get a glowing and perfect tan.

Prepare your skin

It´s really important to prepare your skin so you can get the perfect tan. First, I would encourage you to exfoliate your skin. Why? Well, because dead skin may prevent that the ray suns correctly penetrate for a fair and golden tan.

Make sure you are hair free, and moisturize your whole body before going under the sun. These two steps will be really helpful for your tan.

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Use the correct SPF

Although you are aiming for a glowing tan, you must ALWAYS protect your skin with SPF. This way you will stop your skin from burning and of course you will tan, in a slower pace, that will also make your tan last longer. Sounds great isn’t it?

If your skin is darker, pick a SPF15. If your skin is lighter, use a SPF30 or SPF50. Reapply every two hours, and also if you get into the water for maximum protection.

Don’t over do it

One thing that is very important to follow is to don’t abuse of the time you spend under the Sun thinking that this is the right way to get a great tan. Spending too much time tanning will only harm your skin which will result in sunburn.

When you are taking the Sun, your skin has a limit for producing melanin, which is the tanning pigment. The limit is of about two-three hours, so try to not exceed this number of hours under the Sun.

And as important that is to not overpass this amount of time tanning, it’s also essential to take some breaks now and then. This way your tan will last longer, and you will avoid the damages caused by UV.

Take care of your skin

After your tanning session, take a shower with cold water. You can also use hot water, but it can be painful in case you got a sunburn. Moisturize extensively your skin because it needs it after the drying Sun to which it has been exposed. You can also rely on Aloe Vera to calm any overexposed area.



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