The Benefits of Quitting Coffee



I don´t know about you, but coffee is part of my lifestyle, and by coffee I mean black, strong and sugar less cups. Once in a while I used to drink those delicious frappes with cookies, cream, chocolate chips and lots of sugar: more like a dessert than anything else, but about a year and a half ago, I started drinking black coffee as part of my daily habits.

I was drinking about three cups a day, but then it went up, reaching up to five or more cups a day, and by cups, I mean big ones. It was a lot! And like with all things in life, excess is not good. I was feeling very tired during the day, I had constant headaches and I was feeling anxious and nervous. I knew it was in part due to my coffee habits, so that´s when I decided to make the experiment to quit coffee for a month and see if I noticed any change.

After more than a month without coffee, I can tell you I´m really happy with the results. Coffee is not bad at all, but over drinking it is. There are certain substances in coffee than can affect people in different ways, so thinking in quitting it for life or for a while can be a good idea.

I summed up some benefits that I experienced after quitting coffee that will encourage you to try it too.

Better sleep

Most people drink coffee to stay awake. Coffee stimulates adrenaline, making you feel more awake and alert at any given situation. As coffee is a great way for keeping yourself up when needed, it might also affect your sleep, making it more difficult to have a good night and create a vicious circle of disturbed sleep, tiredness during the day and more coffee to fix so.

Decrease anxiety levels

For anxious people, coffee may not be a good idea. Coffee alerts the stress hormone in the body, resulting in more anxiety and an unpleasant feeling after drinking it. Coffee is a stimulant, which also results in high blood pressure, increasing the sensation of a trumping heart and nervousness. Quitting coffee can result in a much more calmer and happier general feeling.

No more headaches

Coffee is not the only reason for headaches but it doesn’t help either in case you suffer from constant migraine. In my case, after quitting coffee, the regular headaches I used to have disappeared, so maybe you could try to see if that is the reason.

White and healthy teeth

Coffee is black. Not a groundbreaking statement, but the natural pigment of this beverage has a strong color that will result in stained teeth thanks to the tannins building up on the enamel. Also, coffee is acidic, wearing out enamel, damaging your teeth general look, which may even result in teeth loss.

Better skin

Quitting coffee can make your skin look so much better. Coffee functions as a diuretic, which makes you loose more water than usual, resulting in dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin may also occur because of the stress hormones coffee triggers, which are in control of your skin´s oil. And as you have a better night sleep, you will wake up feeling refreshed too.





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