12 Habits of Highly Stylish Women


Stylish women don’t happen by miracle. They have certain habits that they religiously follow to make of their life, a really stylish one. These habits are quite simple, but they need of commitment to really make them work.

Here I share with you the 12 habits that highly stylish women follow in their daily lives. I assure you that by following these easy tips, you will notice a huge difference in your life, and your style.

  1. Plan outfits a day ahead

    Stylish women don’t just pick the first thing they see and put it on. They generally plan their outfits a day ahead, being aware of the occasion, place and weather of the day ahead.

  2.  Take their time to get ready

    Having a great look requires time. A stylish outfit will be downgraded if you don’t put a little effort on the details like making sure your hair or your nails are done. It’s not about going all glamorous, but it’s about paying attention to the small things that make all the difference.

  3. Choose the right underwear

    Although intimates are only at your sight, they play a huge part in the way an outfit turns out. Choosing the right underwear will not only make you look more polished, but more comfortable too.

  4. Always have their nails done

    A mani will ALWAYS be one of the habits of highly stylish women. Having your nails done speaks of you as a person who pays attention to the details, taking time for yourself and your outfits.

  5. Make sure their outfit is polished

    Once you have picked your outfit, you must check that it is not wrinkled or stained. These kind of details really bring down what could have been an awesome outfit. It makes you look careless, which is not precisely the synonym of great style.

  6. Take care of every item in their closet

    Having great style doesn’t mean that you should have a thousand clothes. It´s about having the right garments, which also means, taking caring of them. If you really care your clothes, shoes and bags, maintaining them clean, and fixing tiny imperfections, your outfits will always look polished, and also, you won´t have to get rid of your clothes because they don’t look good anymore.

  7. They tailor clothes to fit them perfectly

    Buying new clothes not always means that they will fit you perfectly. Brands have different measurements for their clothing, so sometimes you will have to do some tailoring. Clothes that look too big or too small are not flattering, so create the habit of visiting your tailor for the best style.

  8. Do their hair

    I have noticed that I might just pick a pair of jeans and flats and still look stylish. How? By doing my hair. You don’t always have to use heat styling products, but a nice ponytail or a feminine braid can make the whole difference in your looks.

  9. Dress for the occasion

    “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” As Tom Ford really wisely said, dressing according to the occasion is a habit that should be in everyone’s life. Whether you have a beach wedding, a formal event at work, or a date at a fancy restaurant, choosing the right garments for the occasion will make of you a really stylish woman.

  10. Have an outfit formula that never fails

    Planning outfits ahead is one of the best habits you could add for a stylish life, but there are days, where you just don’t have any idea of what to wear. Nothing seems right and desperation comes along. The best is to have a great outfit formula that never fails. Jeans, a t-shirt and some fabulous shoes. A skirt, top and ankle boots. Pick the outfit formula that works best for you and that will save you when you most need it.

  11. Take fashion risks

    We all have a certain personal style. You know what you like and what looks good on you, but stylish women, those with an incredible sense of style, take a fashion risk now and then. I have seen myself many times thinking “I will never use (insert trend here)”, and then I end up trying it, and loving it. Taking a risk once in a while will help you improve your style, and evolve your personal style.

  12. Keep their closet organized

    Habits require commitment and order, and having your closet organized will not only help you with this, but it will make it easier for picking the right outfit everyday. You will know what clothes you have, which are missing, which need to be tossed, or which need a little reinvention. Believe me, this will make your life so much easier!



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